Welcome to the Newton Price Centre Website

The Newton Price Centre is a thriving community center operated within Central Primary School.  It takes it’s name from the listed building within the school grounds which was once the main community centre building.  A dedicated team of staff operate the centre outside of School hours for a variety of activities.

All hires take place in Central Primary School, where the Newton Price Centre team are now based.

If you require any help, please email info@newtonprice.org, telephone 01923 225129 or use our website contact form

Please note that Residents and Community groups are most welcome.

Finding Us, Parking and Public Transport

Our street location can be found here on Google Maps

No car parking is available on-site during normal school days. Limited on-site car parking spaces are available during evenings and weekends. Local area car parking controls operate 8.00 to 18.30, Monday to Saturday but do not apply on Sundays.
Click here to see car parking in the area.

Being close to the town centre there are good train & bus services nearby.
Click here for travel information.

Details of halls

The Central Primary School halls have the following maximum capacities (these figures include helpers and performers), and on no account shall these figures be exceeded.

Central Primary School Main Hall
13 x 11.5 metres = 149m2
42.5 x 37.5 feet = 1,593.75 feet2
Maximum people seated = 200
Maximum people dancing = 100

Central Primary School Dining Hall
14 x 6 metres = 84m2
45 x 20 feet = 900 feet2
Maximum people seated = 200
Maximum people dancing = 100

As well as the Main Hall and Dining Hall we also hire out classrooms of various sizes outside of the school day. Please contact us for more details.